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Use the search box to look for any information you need about antenatal and postnatal exercise and health in the B2MF web pages and blog posts. If you can’t find what you are looking for get in touch and we’ll add it to your site and hopefully help some other women in the process!

There is no reason to be worried about losing your lovely bod after pregnancy! We shouldn’t be scared of exercising during and after pregnancy, and the benefits for mum and baby are well recognised by professionals. If you commit to a healthy, balanced diet and a plan that targets the muscles most affected by pregnancy and childbirth, you can get your old figure back – or an even better one!

Bump2mum fitness is not about trying to be skinny, it is about giving you the tools to be healthy, toned and fit, whatever size you are. Every woman and every pregnancy is different so use these resources to take steps that fit into your lifestyle and fitness level. This site will help you to be body confident, knowledgeable, happy and energised if you are willing to make the effort.

Bump2mum Fitness recent blog posts

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Postnatal flat tummy plan – get rid of your mummy tummy and skin flap!

Easy and effective daily plan to flatten your mummy tummy and get rid of the pesky skin flap!

Chances are that your new flabby tummy is one of the things you are most shocked about in terms of changes to your body after having a baby. Fear not! It is perfectly normal to still look pregnant for a while after you have had your baby, and be able to grab a handful of squidgy belly! The first thing you need to think about post-birth, before you start exercising your abs, is how your tummy has responded to pregnancy and birth.

For more information and my fab flat belly plan for new mums click here