3-plan, web site and PregnancyFit 250 app reviewed on MummyRated, eeeek!

I was lucky enough to make contact with Tia who runs Mummy Rated a few weeks ago. She kindly said she would review my book, app and web site. Feeling a bit nervous I put the book in the post and hope she liked it…..

Thankfully she did and you can read her full review on Mummy Rated here

She says:

“Although Beth is nearly 3, I still jumped at the chance to review The 3-Plan Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise Plan book, Bump2Mum website and PregnancyFit 250 iPhone app.

The Bump2Mum Fitness website is fresh, clean and really easy to navigate and covers everything you need to know about health and fitness in pregnancy.

It’s really easy to find exercises that are suitable for you depending on where you are in your pregnancy or how long ago you had your baby.  For each stage it gives a summary of how you may be feeling and some safety tips and example exercises.  You can also download your exercise journal for example to keep track of your exercises.

The website and book author Lucie Brand comes across as being passionate about helping mums keep fit in pregnancy and little things like being open to hear from mums about what information they would like to see on her site is just one way that her passion shines through.

In the same way the website is crisp, clean and concise so is the PregnancyFit 250 iPhone app.  The app offers daily tips, myth busters, ability to browse tips, and view tips by topic: body and ailments, exercise, diet and nutrition, staying sane and lifestyle and practical.”

It is really nice to get an independent opinion about what I am writing. I really hope this will inspire other women to have confidence in my knowledge and advice.



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