The 3-plan: your complete pregnancy and postnatal exercise plan


A comprehensive exercise plan with over 75 exercises and exercise combinations for pregnancy and the 9 month postnatal period. Flexible and easy to follow, the 3-Plan will have you feeling fab in just 3 hours a week! The only book you need from the first days of your pregnancy to slipping back into your pre-pregnancy wardrobe. Enjoy your pregnancy, embrace your changing shape, get your body strong and healthy for a smooth labour and delivery and become fit, toned, healthy and full of energy as new mum.

Cheap | safe | effective | flexible | fun | for all levels | real results | flat tum – what more could you want from a pregnancy and new mum exercise plan?!

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From the author, Lucie Brand

There are lots of expensive and complicated programmes and plans out there. Be confused no more! I have written this book to be accessible and achievable for everyone.

I have self-published the 136 page paperback on lulu.com (and Amazon soon), which has given me complete control over this book and the ability to sell it for under £10! There are adaptations to the basic exercises to adapt them to your fitness level and it can be done in time chunks to suit your lifestyle. It changes up every three months to work with your body at every stage of your journey to becoming a mum and is super effective.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

What is the 3-Plan?

The 3-Plan is not a fad diet or workout, does not require any expensive equipment or fitness experience and is suitable for anyone. It is an exercise plan designed to be flexible to fit around busy lives and give effective results; for health, fitness and appearance for real women.

The plan outlines a series of resistance exercises specifically for your stage of pregnancy or postnatal recovery. There is also plenty more information including diet tips, practical advice about back pain, stretches, pelvic floor exercises, some easy cardio ideas, advice on running, an exercise journal template, info about common pregnancy and postnatal ailments and loads more. If you are a mum already its never too late to start!

From an expert!

“The 3 plan is a really innovative and user friendly approach to exercising in pregnancy and the postnatal period. An invaluable book for any newly pregnant mum, full of helpful tips with clear guidance and instructions.”

Jenny Hassall
Midwife of over 20 years and Midwifery Lecturer, University of Brighton
(Research interest in exercise during pregnancy)

Why is it called the 3-Plan?

The 3-Plan is made up of the Pregnancy Plan and the New Body Plan. Everything revolves around the number 3. Each plan is broken down into 3 sections. For each 3month section the plan gives a set of specifically designed resistance exercises that you do for that period. This includes:

  • 3 x Leg and bottom exercises
  • 3 x Upper body exercises
  • 3 x Ab, back and core exercises

This will take 30-40 minutes, 3 times a week. With the cardio element in addition to this you only need to commit 3 hours a week minimum.

What are you waiting for?!