PregnancyFit 250

All the information you need for a fit, healthy pregnancy.

This pregnancy app gives you a daily tip, fact or snippet covering EVERYTHING you need to know about exercise, diet, staying sane, lifestyle and your body during pregnancy. You can view one a day, read them all in one go, search for something you are interested in or browse by category. Most tips are related to that point of your pregnancy, some are just plain interesting!


  • what types of exercise are safe during pregnancy, including classes, types, equipment and how much you can do safely
  • exercise ideas
  • what you should and shouldn’t eat
  • common ailments and advice
  • what to expect from your changing body
  • lifestyle tips
  • recommendations for health, fitness and nutrition
  • postnatal advice

  • ideas to calm your mind
  • tips about labour and birth
  • practical tips
  • five myths busted

Tips are divided into five categories:

  • Body and common ailments
  • Exercise and fitness
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Headspace and wellbeing
  • Lifestyle and practical

From the author, Lucie Brand:

“I am an experienced fitness professional qualified in nutrition, as a fitness instructor and personal trainer (specialising in ante/post natal exercise) and am also a busy working mum! I understand how hard it is to fit everything in and that you need concise, safe and up-to-date advice at your fingertips. PregnancyFit 250 will answer lots of questions you might have about health and fitness in pregnancy and give you the confidence to stay fit and active. Please get in touch and let me know what you think.”

From Jenny Hassall, Midwife (of over 20 years) and Midwifery Lecturer at the University of Brighton (research interest in exercise during pregnancy):

“The PregnancyFit 250 is a really innovative and motivating tool for staying fit and healthy during pregnancy. A great app for any newly pregnant mum, full of helpful tips, ideas and information.”

A few example tips:

SUCK IT IN – Try to do ab squeezes every day. Your tummy muscles will need lots of help during your pregnancy. To do this pull your tum in as you slowly breathe out, then hold your belly in firmly for a couple of seconds and release. Aim for at least 50 a day.

IRONING – If you are not getting enough iron you may become anaemic. Are you tired, weak, dizzy, listless, pale and breathless? (more than normal!) Talk to your doctor or midwife if you are worried and you may be prescribed iron supplements, although it’s better to get from your diet if you can.

CLASS ACT – Book on to an NHS or NCT antenatal class. This will give you lots of information about labour and birth and also give you an opportunity to meet other expectant couples and make new friends. You’ll be able to ask questions and hopefully prepare yourself for every stage of the labour and birth process and get some parenting tips.

DON’T SCRATCH! – Thrush is common in pregnancy, but easily treatable and won’t affect your baby. You can use a pessary with care (without the applicator) and apply cream, but don’t take the oral capsules. Try to stay dry and cool down there! Chilled yoghurt applied directly is soothing too. See your doctor for advice on treatment.

PERFECT? – What is that anyway? A lot of the time people that appear ‘perfect’ on the outside are far from it on the inside. Aim to be happy, healthy and comfortable in your own skin and celebrate your uniqueness. Cheesy I know, but life’s too short! Plus you’ll set a great example to your family.

And that’s just five of the 250 TIPS you will get from PF250, so get downloading now!