A few good pregnancy yoga poses

As you know I’m not a yoga fan myself, but can see that it does offer lots of benefits as a form of prenatal exercise. If you want to try a few basic moves check out this post:


Part of it reads…..

“Some yoga poses are particularly beneficial to you and your baby. Certain poses can help your baby turn, and others tone your body for labor and for being a mom. You need strong legs and arms to birth a baby, and carrying a child around is a lot easier with a strong body, too!

Now that I’m in the last weeks of my third trimester, my workouts have definitely slowed down. It’s tough to walk as far and as fast with a bowling ball in your belly, and some yoga poses are impossible or even unhealthy during pregnancy. You need to avoid poses where you are lying on your belly, and in the second half of pregnancy too much spinal twisting can be uncomfortable.

As your baby grows and your uterus takes up more and more space in your abdomen, you might also notice that you get out of breath more easily. That’s because your baby is actually crowding your lungs. This can definitely impact your endurance during both walking and yoga!

Whether you’ve reached the exhausted phase of pregnancy or are full of energy, incorporating some of these prenatal yoga poses can make a big difference for your pregnancy and your birth!”

Why not give it a go? x

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