A headline like ‘Cardio with a bump’ is definitely going to get my attention!…..

I came across this article from Gulf news, which has some really good information about exercise in pregnancy. It is written positively from a medical perspective. The more information we can get out there like this the better – and the quicker we can start to change the taboo.

Cardio exercise is perfectly safe during pregnancy and has many benefits, some of which are outlined in the article. Your baby will not mind being jigged about! Just remember to work at a sensible rate considering your pre-pregnancy fitness levels and listen to your body.

It begins:

Glued to the remote control, chocolate ice-cream on double chocolate ice-cream, pickles with just about anything, sleeping during the day: a pregnant woman can never be judged — or so the saying goes. While growing another person inside of you, the “it’s-ok-she’s-pregnant factor” trumps any amount of judgement the world can throw your way. One exception, however, is exercise. When it come to working out while expecting, there’s still a taboo.

And goes on to say:

The all-important benefits, according to the doc

  • As with exercise recommendations for women who have any medical condition, those for pregnant women must balance the benefits and risks to mother and foetus. Dr Etakerina Kaloyanova lists a few benefits of exercising during pregnancy.
  • Alleviates some of the more uncomfortable symptoms, including back pain, insomnia, joint pain and constipation.
  • May help you better handle the mood swings common in pregnant women.
  • Helps avoid gaining too much weight during pregnancy, which can lead to complications.
  • Allows development of muscle strength and stamina, making things easier when you’re ready to give birth.
  • Some studies show babies of women who exercise throughout pregnancy are more focused and better stimulated after birth.
  • Babies of women who exercised regularly throughout pregnancy cope better with any unexpected distress during the birth.

As we know there are so many benefits, we need to spread the word! x

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