What is Bump2mum Fitness?

Bump2mum Fitness aims to give you the information you need to have a fit and healthy pregnancy and to get you back on the path to being a confident new mum. Everyone can benefit from exercise in pregnancy and the postnatal period, whether you are new to working out or a gym bunny already!

I found the information about exercise in pregnancy confusing and conflicting. This site will set the record straight for you and hopefully dispel myths around what is safe and what isn’t. I have also written a book (the 3-Plan) and an app (PregnancyFit 250) to give you LOADS of information; these are cheap, simple, easy to use/follow and really comprehensive.

Of course diet and exercise go hand in hand, so I have also included a little bit about eating healthily. Remember, pregnancy is not a time for dieting, but it’s not an excuse to eat your bodyweight in ice-cream either!

I am a busy working mum, juggling all the normal things. My resources are for real women who need exercise plans that are flexible and information at their fingertips. Time is precious and life is most definitely for living.

I’d love to hear what you think, what would be helpful for you and what your experiences are, so please get in touch.

I really hope this site gives you the confidence to be a fit mum! Good luck on your journey of motherhood.