Article: Diet for a healthy pregnancy

I’m not saying you can’t have yummy treats when you are pregnant (for me it was anything chocolate or cheese-related!) but you should try and eat a healthy diet for most of the time. What does this look like?

Remember – if you eat rubbish the whole time you are pregnant, you are going to have a hell of a job shifting those wobbly thighs and jelly belly afterwards. Moderation is the key; the odd treat as part of a balanced diet will be best for you and your baby x



Yes, doctors count down from date of last peiord (because that is fairly certain women ovulate at different times in their cycle I normally ovulate at day 14, but this time around did so a week early and guess what!)So, technically pregnancy last 40 weeks from last menstrual cycle .no 9 months.gestational age is based on last peiordfetal age on conception

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