Benefits of water/aqua aerobics during pregnancy

I came across this fab web page today from the Jagran Post, which talks all about aqua/water aerobics during pregnancy. It is a great exercise for all fitness levels, especially in the later stages of pregnancy.  It reads…..

You can gain a lot of health benefits by exercising during pregnancy as it lessens various complications. Some of the benefits of water aerobics during pregnancy are relief from various discomforts of pregnancy without putting too much strain on the limbs. You do need to check with your health care provider for the ideal method but the low impact exercise that water aerobics provide is recommendable if you do not have problem with staying in water.

If you have a problem with exercising in summer months, the water can be a great place to stay away from the heat. If you are going through the cold season, water aerobics can be performed indoors. Staying in water helps to take the pressure away from the belly that is growing. Not only that, you also feel refreshed by performing these exercises.

A recent research has shown that there is and additional benefit in performing water aerobics during pregnancy. The study was undertaken in Brazil in which the women engaging in water aerobics from the middle of pregnancy till the end needed lesser pain medications during labour than a control group. They were required to work for three days in every week.

Women who perform water aerobics may avoid getting swollen knees and ankles and yet get a workout. It is a good way of improving the strength of your stomach and preventing the problem of spider veins on the legs. The low impact in these exercises results in these benefits.

The refreshing effect of water has many benefits. Water aerobics helps to control morning sickness, balance the mood and enhance the energy level.

Water aerobics can be customised to suit different stages of pregnancy. The exercises involved include breathing techniques that women learn during antenatal classes.

You naturally want to be in water when pregnant. With water aerobics, you also give your body a great workout. As you carry an additional 35 to 50 kgs during pregnancy, being in the pool relieves you of this strain. It feels a lot lighter in water.

With these workouts in water, you can expect to get the best possible exercise for maintaining your health. It would be advisable that you take the advice of your health care provider before starting these workouts. There are some conditions in which these should not be performed. Moreover, you also need to be careful in performing these exercises and ensure that you do not put any strain on your stomach or excessive pressure on your back.

Courtesy: Onlymyhealth

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