Pelvic floor exercises to stop you wetting yourself!

Pelvic floor exercisers don’t have to be boring and they will stop you weeing yourself!

The pelvic floor (PF) muscles are located between your legs and run from your pubic bone at the front to the base of your spine at the back. You can think of them as a shopping bag or hammock which supports all of your internal organs – an important job. To stick with this analogy, if you imagine you keep loading up your shopping bag its base will come under more and more strain. In the same way, the weight of your growing baby will put increased pressure on these muscles. They can also be weakened and experience some trauma through childbirth.

Read more about the function of your pelvic floor and get tons of exercises on my latest page.

5 tips to deal with the itchy red horridness that is chicken pox

It doesn’t sound that bad when you say it, but when you are a mum there’s not many things worse than seeing your precious child covered in angry red blisters. I have just had a month of chicken pox fun; my 3 and a half year old daughter had it, then after 2 and a half weeks my 10 month old baby got chicken pox (I thought we might have escaped her getting it, but no).

I didn’t really know that much about it before, but feel like a bit of an expert now J so here are my tips to help you help your little one, while they are still fresh in my mind (and the blisters are still crusting over!) All children are different, but here are my experiences and tips for what they are worth:

1 Be prepared

Once you see those blisters be prepared for a bit of disruption. To sleep, eating and working (remember the HPA says your child can’t go to nursery for 5 days after the onset of the rash to avoid sharing it around). My baby also got a really upset tummy with hers and did lots of runny back poos (joy). Like all things, all babies will have their own reaction. First things first, cut their nails and dress them in loose comfortable clothing. Clear the diary as much as possible for a few days and get ready to comfort and cuddle! In tried not to let my older daughter look in the mirror too much when they were really bad as I didn’t want her to get upset. Likelihood is if you have 2 children they will both get it; the incubation period is around 7-21 days.

2 What to expect and how long it lasts

They start as pinpricks, then out come the fluid filled blisters, which increase in number over a couple of days. My poor baby got them really bad, in her mouth, ears and her front bottom as well as everywhere else. They seem to like the forehead and hair too, along with the chest and back. It really is horrible seeing your little one suffering with this, but don’t worry, the angriness only lasts a couple of days before they gradually start to heal (which seems to take about 2-3 weeks for a fairly bad bout). Avoid getting near very poorly people, tiny babies or pregnant women in the early stages. Once you are over the contagious stage you may still get a few black looks taking your child out and about, but try not to worry as you know no one can get it. We covered up the worst of them on my babies head with her ‘plague hat’ J Think it probably looks quite obvious that she is keeping her hat on indoors, but we just say that she enjoys accessorising!

3 Medicine

Both my little ones got a bit feverish around day 3, which seems to be when it peaks. My older daughter especially got quite loppy and tired. I was giving paracetemol regularly throughout the first few days to help ease discomfort and bring temperature down. Alongside this, Piriton gave fantastic relief for itching for both of them. The bottle (and the Pharmacist) will tell you a baby under 1 year can’t have it, but I spoke to the doctor who said 2 x 2.5ml doses a day is fine for a 10 month old. My 3 year old had 4 x 2.5ml a day. Both of them had this for a week as it helps with the itching, which is worst as the spots start to heal and crust. Finally, when either of them seemed really uncomfortable a 2.5ml dose of ibuprofen at bedtime helped too. Sounds like a lot I know, but I don’t give drugs willy nilly. Am a great believer in only using medication when it is needed. I think a nasty dose of chicken pox is when it is needed!

4 To the skin

When I was little apparently calamine lotion was the thing to put on chicken pox. Some people still recommend it now, but things have moved on a bit. I bought a spray bottle of Virasoothe from the Pharmacy. It cost nearly a tenner, but goes a long way and treated both my girls. You spray it on all over and can rub it in to their faces. Seems like it helps, is nice and smooth and cool and says it promotes healing and prevents scarring. Certainly can’t hurt. My older daughter did start asking for the magic spray when she was itchy so must have done something. Once the spots start to crust I also dabbed on some Sudocream to the really nasty ones a couple of times a day, which helped take the redness down; is there anything this cream can’t do?!

5 Weird and wonderful

When the spots were at their worst you will try anything to try and ease the angry redness. Some of my friends suggested a bath with bicarbonate of soda in it. Both the girls had a couple of these and I would definitely recommend trying it. You need lots of bicarb, enough to make the bath really milky. At the same time put some porridge oats in the foot of an old pair of tights and gently wash them with this. When you squeeze it milky stuff come out. Gently dab them all over. You can gently wash their hair as usual, but try to watch their eyes as the water has all this weird stuff in it. Both of these genuinely seem to calm the spots down and promote healing. Neither of them really wanted to be bathed at the time, but try and get them in as is for their own good.

And that’s it! I hope your little ones don’t get it too badly. Remember you can only get it once (there are very rare cases of it happening twice but not enough for you to worry about!) You now have at least a little bit of knowledge and a few tips to help ease the worst of the symptoms. Now off to Tesco for some oats, bicarb, medicines (and maybe a bottle of wine for mummy for when they are all better!)


Maria Kang “what’s your excuse?” photo, she’s got a good point!

Maria is all across the TV this morning with her controversial photo, which shows her with a flat tummy and amazing body with her 3 children. All credit to her this is very clever PR (probably carefully planned for maximum exposure) and has got her worldwide coverage!

She shouldn’t be getting so much criticism though, she is a hard working mum who has prioritised her fitness and her body, setting a great example to her kids.

From my own experience I know that you don’t have to sacrifice time with your children to exercise. If you are motivated you can fit it in around them. But it is hard work, which is why most women don’t bother. Don’t blame her for taking control and looking amazing!

I lost all my baby weight in 2 weeks with both of my daughters with sensible eating and exercise at home, following my exercise plan, the 3-plan. Make having a child the time you become a healthier, fitter, more confident woman and your whole family will benefit.

Here is my photo after 12 weeks after baby number 2 – my plan really does work!

12 weeks after baby