Exercise and miscarriage worries in early pregnancy

A common worry – “I better stop exercising in case it makes me have a miscarriage, especially so early on…..

If you do lose your baby in the early weeks (and very sadly around 10% of women lose their babies before 6 weeks) then this is highly unlikely to be due to exercise. Research by James F Clapp (author of Exercising Through Your Pregnancy) found that regular exercisers (doing moderate exercise) had the same rate of early miscarriage as non-exercisers. As long as you do not do anything silly like skydiving, boxing or some random, risky new activity you have never done before, you are no more likely to lose your baby.

There have been some very tentative research findings that may indicate that vigorous exercise during early pregnancy may lead to a higher chance of early miscarriage, but this is not proven. There was no correlation after 18 weeks. If you are in any doubt in the early stages, then don’t take up any new activities and keep your intensity moderate, but try to keep up doing at least 30 minutes of activity most days. This means you can raise your heart rate and get a bit sweaty, but make sure that you can comfortably maintain a conversation.

If you really are worried or have had previous miscarriages then speak to your doctor or midwife before you decide what to do. Even if you are super fit you might still want to wait until you have had the all clear at your 12 week scan; even if these worries are a bit irrational you don’t want to spend the whole first trimester a nervous wreck so do what feels right for you.

This new being is completely and utterly precious to you, but giving up or abstaining from exercise is not the best thing for you or them in the long term. If you think you are not having a straightforward pregnancy for any reason then talk to your doctor or midwife before you begin any kind of exercise programme, but please do not be scared to continue something that makes you feel good, there’s no reason to. Exercise with pride and confidence! We need to start changing negative preconceptions.



Till the last min. I think early pregnancy is pregnancy at therir young age. Now i cleraly know about what is early preganancy? thanks…


Yes, I was talking about the very early weeks of pregnancy. Your site is useful; its important to remember that every women is different though. So will have lots of pregnancy signs and others none! Lucie x

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