Healthy pregnancy weight gain

Some weight gain during pregnancy in inevitable – doh!! Of course – you are growing a little person inside you. However, the key to getting a great body back after you have had your baby is avoiding EXCESS weight gain during your pregnancy. Try to stay fit, healthy and active during your pregnancy and you’ll have a much easier job later on.

Here are some guidelines about roughly how much weight you should expect to gain:

Pre-pregnancy BMI BMI Total weight gain
Rates of weight gain
2nd and 3rd trimester (average range/week)
Underweight Less than 18.5 13kg to 18kg (28lb to 40lb) 0.5kg to 0.6kg (1lb to 1.3lb)
Normal weight 18.5 to 24.9 11kg to 16kg (25lb to 35lb) 0.4kg to 0.5kg (0.8lb to 1lb)
Overweight 25 to 29.9 7kg to 11kg (15lb to 25lb) 0.2kg to 0.3kg (0.5lb to 0.7lb)
Obese 30 or more 5kg to 9kg (11lb to 20lb) 0.2kg to 0.3kg (0.4lb to 0.6lb)

I have copied this from Baby Centre – a fab web site.

This page also tells you where the weight gain comes from (approximately!):

  • At birth, a baby weighs about 3.3kg (7.3lb).
  • The placenta, which keeps your baby nourished, weighs 0.7kg (1.5lb).
  • The amniotic fluid, which supports and cushions your baby, weighs 0.8kg (1.8lb).
  • The muscle layer of your uterus (womb) grows dramatically and weighs an extra 0.9kg (2lb).
  • Your blood volume increases and weighs an extra 1.2kg (2.6lb).
  • You have extra fluid in your body weighing about 1.2kg (2.6lb).
  • Your breasts weigh an extra 0.4kg (0.9lb).
  • You’ll store fat, about 4kg (8.8lb), to give you energy for breastfeeding

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