I can’t believe my book is finished!

Where it all began…..

Three years ago I decided to write an exercise plan to take women from the first stages of pregnancy right through to getting back to full fitness as a new mum. My friends all started having babies and knowing I was a fitness instructor, they asked me to show them exercises to do during pregnancy that would be safe, which wouldn’t harm their babies and would help them get back into shape more easily after the birth.

Gap in the market…..

After doing my research, it became clear that advice about exercising during and after pregnancy was a bit hit and miss – too complicated in some places, oversimplified in others. Information was hard to relate to and it seemed impossible to find simple, safe, no-nonsense exercises all in one place. I didn’t think that there was anything out there that gave women simple exercises for each stage of their pregnancy and postnatal recovery, suitable for all fitness levels and presented in a way that was flexible and fun (and I bought every book on the subject!) The aim of my book – the 3-Plan – is to fill this gap.

I set about designing a flexible exercise programme to follow throughout pregnancy, then after your baby is born – nine months before and nine months after the birth. I used my experience in fitness instruction and personal training with a wide variety of women and studied everything I could about exercising before, during and after pregnancy. I then put together the 3-Plan, which follows all the necessary safety principles.

My road test!…

The first draft of the 3-Plan proved brilliant for my friends, who got on really well with it. I then became pregnant myself, so it was my turn to see how effective the 3-Plan really was! While I was pregnant I worked full time, had a long commute and worked part time as an instructor and trainer, so this was certainly a good road-test of the 3-Plan’s flexibility. I had my beautiful daughter after a short, straightforward labour with no pain relief, which I am convinced, was largely due to being fit and healthy. I was amazed at how quickly my body clicked back into shape after the birth. I didn’t need nine months, but after following my New Body Plan (the second half of the 3-Plan) my body is in even better shape than before I got pregnant!

Never enough hours in the day…..

It hasn’t been easy – shooting photos, writing, rewriting and proofing the 3-Plan has taken up every bit of my spare time, alongside working and looking after my family. So many lovely people have helped out and believed in what I am doing, thanks again to everyone, especially Jo and Peggy at Bookworx for the book production. I am self-publishing the book and will be posting the link for you to get a copy shortly.

I hope you love it. I really believe that exercise can have a powerful effect on women on their journey to motherhood. This is a vulnerable time and it is so important to stay physically and mentally strong and healthy. I hope the plan is flexible, effective and fun. I would love to hear what you think when it is released shortly.

They say that everyone has a book in them – if I can do it, so can you.



If your original lab work was wrong and you *are* A nevgtiae, then you’re just lucky that nothing went wrong with your first child. There will be no nevgtiae effect on your current pregnancy as they will give you the Rhogam shot at 28 weeks. That’s pretty much standard procedure.I would ask to have your blood typed again, just to be sure either way. It is useful to know your blood type and having the correct Rh factor is pretty important. If your OB won’t do it, you can always go to your general practitioner and see if their office will take care of it for you. I would be *extremely* concerned if your OB doesn’t want to get the correct answer from your labs though. That seems like it would be on top of the list of things you want to be correct about.

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