Imogen Thomas – you have let us down with your comments!

I was very disappointed to read the interview with Imogen Thomas in Now magazine, going on about how much she hates her pregnant body. She is so lucky that she has been able to get pregnant, so many women are desperate and unable to become mothers.
I know that watching your body change during pregnancy isn’t always a bed of roses, but rather than focus on the negatives and reinforce low self esteem that other pregnant women may be experiencing, try to focus on the positives. The human body is incredible and the journey to motherhood should be embraced (this does require some effort when you have piles, heartburn and achy boobs, but remember what the outcome will be).
Try to have a fit, healthy positive pregnancy and remember you will not be getting ‘fat’ you will be getting ‘pregnant’!
Imogen says that, far from feeling like she’s ‘glowing’, she hates her growing figure. ‘I know it’s natural and it’s just my body preparing for childbirth, but I hate how big I’m getting!’ she tells Now. ‘I’ve lost control of my body. Imogen, who’s put on a stone, is quick to point out that she has cellulite and stretchmarks on her thighs. ‘I was 9st,’ she adds. ‘I’m putting on weight on my sides and I’ve got bingo wings. It’s depressing. ‘And my hips have got a lot wider. I tried my jeans on the other day and I couldn’t even get them half way up my leg! ‘I’m really scared about my stretchmarks, too. And I’ve got cellulite!’
If all she can focus on is her cellulite maybe she should have thought twice about getting pregnant in the first place. Think of how lucky you are Imogen and stop complaining! Remember to embrace the B2MF philosophy and stay active, healthy and proud of your blooming body x

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