Jenny Wright branded ‘selfish cow’ by running while pregnant – I think she’s fab!

I say GO JENNY!! We need more women like you! Exercise during pregnancy is not only safe, it is incredibly beneficial for mum and baby. I am glad to see another woman standing up for herself and trying to change the way people think.

There is tons of research now to advocate exercise during pregnancy (provided it is straightforward, low risk pregnancy) and it should not be an odd site to see a woman running with a bump.

I would not recommend taking up running when you are expecting if you have never done it before, but if you love it, are experienced and it feels ok then carry on! I have a whole section about running in pregnancy and as a new mum in my book, The 3-plan: your complete pregnancy and postnatal exercise plan.

Like Jenny, I exercised throughout my pregnancy (I did 40 minutes on my cross trainer the day before she arrived) and I too had no pain relief during my labour. My daughter was healthy and born quickly and naturally. I recovered quickly and have loads of energy for my new family. I too snapped back into my size 8 jeans a couple of weeks after having my daughter, which was fantastic and a big confidence boost.

Jenny finishes by saying “I’m proud to be the jogging mother” – I’ll be running right up there with you! Lets start the revolution to give new mums great bodies, tons of confidence and energy and most importantly a healthy, fit lifestyle which sets an example to their kids.



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Thank you for this. Relaxation is so important when you are expecting. Maybe look into hypnobirthing if you are really scared of labour. Lucie x

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