When you are expecting or have a new baby there is so much information out there in books, on TV and on the web that it can feel very overwhelming (and that’s not including well meaning friends, relatives and people on the bus).

The information around exercise and health can be confusing which is where the 3-Plan book and PregnancyFit 250 app come in. I have written these to be no nonsense, simple and comprehensive.

The resources on this page are other sources I have read and genuinely think are worth a look. They are books about lots of different subjects including your first few months with a new baby and some celeb diaries (which I love but you might hate!)

I would recommend sticking with one or two and trying not to read EVERYTHING! I have included links to buy the books on Amazon, but of course there are plenty of good retailers out there. You decide which resource you can relate to best. There are also a few web sites, but remember to always exercise caution with online information as it is largely unregulated. I’ll update this with more links as I find them.

The 3-Plan is here!………..

3-Plan: Your Complete Pregnancy and Post-Natal Exercise Plan

by Lucie Brand
Lucie Brand
Price: $11.98
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Exercising Through Your Pregnancy

by James F. Clapp III
Addicus Books
Price: $12.95
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I think this is the exercise in pregnancy bible! Backed up by scientific research this book is jammed packed with information, facts and figures. If anyone around you is still unsure that it is safe for you to exercise during your pregnancy get them to read this! It is very detailed, but lays out the facts clearly with lots of graphs and images to make it a very interesting read. It also follows real women and puts key information in boxes to make it easy to pick out.

The Rough Guide to Pregnancy and Birth

by Kaz Cooke
Rough Guides
Price: $14.58
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The book made me laugh every time I read it! Kaz gives you an idea of what each week of pregnancy has in store in a very funny and down-to-earth way. She tells you how your baby is developing and how you may be feeling (which was spookily accurate much of the time!) She also gives you lots of practical tips and advice to make sure you are fully prepared for your new arrival. I particularly like the funny pictures later in the book which show how glamorous pregnancy isn’t!

What to Expect When You're Expecting

by Heidi Murkoff
Simon & Schuster UK
Price: $17.78
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This book is a best seller and if you buy it you will see why! It contains information about pretty much anything you might want to know about pregnancy, your growing baby, your body and everything else besides. I doubt you’ll want to read it from cover to cover (unless you have a lot of free time!) but it will act as a really great reference book whenever you have a question. The exercise stuff isn’t too inspiring, but in general it’s a brilliant resource.

What to Eat When You're Pregnant: Including the A-Z of What's Safe and What's Not

by Rana Conway
Prentice Hall Life
Price: $31.91
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There is so much confusing information out there about what is and isn’t safe to eat during pregnancy that it’s nice to have a reference! Not only does this book tell you what you should avoid, it tells you what nutrients you and your baby need and why, all about supplements and how to eat properly if you have a special diet. It’s not a huge great thing so you can keep it in your bag should you wish! Exercise and nutrition need to go hand in hand to ensure the best possible start for your baby and smoothest pregnancy and recovery for you.

Your Baby Week by Week: The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Your New Baby

by Simone Cave
Random House UK
Price: $17.53
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When I had my daughter I was worried I knew next to nothing about the practical baby stuff. How often do they poo? How often do they sleep? How much do I feed them? Aaarrgghh! This book was brilliant! I didn’t have time to read lots of different books, so stuck with this one. Each week it gives you a summary of all the need-to know stuff along with an idea of sleep, number of nappies and amount of milk that your baby will need. I would have been lost without it!

The Rough Guide to Babies and Toddlers

by Kaz Cooke
Rough Guides
Price: $1.98
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When the dust settled a bit I read this book. I didn’t think it was quite as good as the Rough Guide to Pregnancy, which I loved, but it still contained loads of good hints and tips about coping with a baby growing into a toddler. I particularly like the ideas of things to do and a the broad routines that your baby might have as they grow up. There is also lots of practical advice about feeding, discipline and education.