Can I exercise while breastfeeding?

It is perfectly safe and okay to exercise while you are breastfeeding.

It will not affect the taste of any of the benefits of breast milk. See the quote below from Dr. James Clapp who has written a brilliant book (Exercising Through Your Pregnancy):

“To understand how lactic acid could alter the taste and/or effectiveness of breastfeeding, you have to understand how you reach the level of lactic acid build-up in the first place. Regular, moderate exercise will not cause lactic acid to build up in your system. It is only when you reach your anaerobic threshold that you begin to produce lactic acid and it enters into your system. Unless exercise intensity is very high (above the aerobic threshold), there is little change in lactate levels in either maternal blood or breast milk.”

In a nutshell, unless you are working out like a complete nutter (which you definitely should not be!) you and your baby are perfectly safe.

On a practical level you will probably want a good supportive bra and some absorbant breast pads to wear during exercise.

Breastfeeding should not be a reason not to exercise.