When can I get back to the gym?

Try to get started with some small steps as soon as possible after your baby is born and you will reap the rewards later – that squidgy belly and those extra wobbly bits are only temporary!

You don’t have to be away from your baby; in fact your baby will love some fresh air if you can get out and do some brisk walking, aim to build up to an hour each day during the first fortnight if you feel up to it.

When you get back to the gym depends on the birth experience you have. You may want to try a short session as soon as a couple of weeks after the birth or may not feel up to it until 6-8 weeks later. Whenever you resume your workouts build up gradually, starting with 15-20 minutes and adding 5 minute blocks as you get stronger. Remember to be mindful of your weakened abdominals and pelvic floor exercises when you are deciding what machines or exercises to do in the gym.

For the first couple of weeks focus on those all important pelvic floor and tummy muscles – these are the ones that have taken the biggest hit through pregnancy and childbirth. Give these muscles a few minutes of attention a day with abdominal pull ins (holding your tummy in tight then releasing) and pelvic floor squeezes, 50-100 of each if you can and try and make this a permanent part of your routine for the future.

If you had any a caesarean or stitches down below this can be sore for a while, so take it easy until everything feels ok. Your pelvic floor exercises will help you heal though, so do these if you can.Take everything at your own pace, everyone is different and don’t push yourself too quickly, there is no rush.

Remember the 3-Plan includes a 6 week build up plan to help you start gradually.