Eat for two

We can’t ignore the fact that exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. Some healthy eating advice and calorie guidelines are included in the 3-Plan, but this is not meant to be comprehensive. There are some fantastic books on this subject and I would suggest reading up on exactly what you body needs and what you should avoid during pregnancy, like soft cheese and some fish.

While you are pregnant, the emphasis should be on eating lots of healthy foods with the maximum amount of goodness and nutrition to nourish you and your growing baby.

You will put on weight and notice it particularly in some areas on your body (where you maybe didn’t before!), but this is healthy. This is not a time for dieting, but eating whatever you fancy for nine months is not sensible either and will make losing the extra weight much harder!

When you have had your baby you may be breastfeeding (which will help with weight loss), but again, this is not an excuse to eat lots of high fat, processed foods. This, like pregnancy is not a time to be dieting. You can cut down a bit and up your exercise intensity once breastfeeding has finished (although you can certainly exercise regularly at a moderate intensity while you are breastfeeding).

When it comes to losing weight, you will have to cut your calorie intake and increase your level of activity. Simple as that!

Chips, cream cakes and sitting on the sofa will not help you or your baby!

Healthy eating is underpinned by a few basic principles. Your diet should be largely based on complex carbohydrates and be made up of a variety of foods including fruit, vegetables, protein and dairy foods, keeping unhealthy processed foods to a minimum. Never is a healthy diet more important than during and after pregnancy.

For more information the 3-Plan will give you some rough guidelines on calories, some healthy snack ideas and easy ways you can make your diet more healthy.