What do I wear?

It can be hard to know what to wear to exercise in when you are pregnant. Hideous oversized T shirt or yoga pyjamas?! Not any more! There is finally a range of gorgeous, functional and comfortable pregnancy exercise clothing for whatever your activity of choice from the team at FittaMamma. I am working with the ladies there as there fitness expert and love wearing the clothes myself (even when not exercising!) Read on to find out more and visit their web site…..

Technically gorgeous

Developing a range of maternity fitness wear that really works has taken considerably longer than it takes to develop a baby!

From that initial recognition that women want to continue to exercise when pregnant and that they need clothes to support and accommodate their changing shape has been a long gestation period.

The FittaMamma range was conceived to meet the needs of pregnant women who simply want to keep active – whether they are runners who want to carry on running when pregnant,  gym bunnies who don’t want to give up their pregnancy workouts or simply women who  recognise the benefits of a fit and healthy pregnancy for themselves and their unborn baby.

The clothes have been designed by women for women.  This was the last job our technical designer worked on before she stopped work to have her baby, grumbling as she put the finishing touches to the designs that we should have come up with the idea of quality maternity fitness clothes some months earlier so she could benefit from the new range herself.

Fittamamma clothes

The FittaMamma team were keen to ensure that even the smallest detail of the range met our oh so picky criteria.   Soft fabric that will feel good against your skin, flat seams that won’t rub and heaven forbid we should introduce an itchy care label that will irritate your neck – all the information is printed on the fabric itself to keep the garments comfy.

But most importantly our maternity sportswear has been developed to support your bump as it grows, taking you right through your pregnancy and then pinging back into shape after the birth as quickly as you’d like to yourself.

Our FittaMamma ‘Sports Support’ top has a unique back panel that means the top does exactly what it says on the tin.  It offers super comfortable support for pretty much any sport that it’s appropriate to carry on enjoying when you’re pregnant, taking the weight of your growing bump onto your back and shoulders.   We don’t recommend rock climbing or mountain biking and we don’t  make it in team strip as we’re not advocates of contact team sports when you’re nurturing a new player …..but when it comes to a fantastic all round maternity sports top that supports you all round this one’s a winner!

Our aim was to design a maternity workout range that would work out well for the wearer whatever they were doing.   Pop on the FittaMamma maternity leggings and they’re not simply comfy and supportive but they won’t let you down when you’re doing the downward dog pose.  Our maternity cycling shorts don’t stop short on your bump and our Gentle Support Top will …..you’ve guessed it, just gently support you.  It’s also cut to a lovely longer length to make it super flattering without riding up and giving you unwanted bump breeze. 

Clothes in action

We were so excited when our new delivery finally arrived but what has been even more exciting is hearing the response from mums-to-be.  Women who exercise, want to continue to exercise when pregnant and are delighted that they can workout when pregnant and still look good.   Go FittaMammas!!!