Scared of exercising during pregnancy – you are not alone!

It begins:

“Despite what we have said over the last 10 years, pregnant women are still afraid exercise is going to hurt their child”

It is such a shame the women arent given the right information about this. They should be actively encouraged to take up and/or continue exercising throughout their pregnancy. After all, what bigger trigger event is there is a woman’s life to make her start making changes?!

There are so many benefits to mum and baby if exercise is sustained, it is time to start the revolution! Remember the expert advice (ACOG) say that:

“Moderate exercise for 30 minutes or more most or all days of the week appears safe for pregnant women without complications”.

This will be most women. If you are not sure if exercise is safe for you then consult your doctor or midwife. The main thing is to get informed and get healthy and active.

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