Stay in Shape While Pregnant With Aqua Aerobics!

Guest post from Patricia Hogenes

You exercised regularly before you decided to have a baby. Now that your world is more focused on the pregnancy, how do you keep fit? Consider aqua aerobics, it’s a great way to stay in shape, and for pregnancy, very well suited to the task.

A great way to work out. As suggested by, aqua aerobics provides a safe and low-impact way to exercise during all 9 months of the pregnancy. There are a number of reasons why the aqua aerobics classes at the local gym will keep you having fun and working out, through your entire pregnancy.

Take advantage of buoyancy. A wonderful benefit of being in the water is that the buoyancy of the water only requires Mom to support 50 percent of her body weight. When backaches and muscle strains occur while carrying, the lightness of the water feels wonderful. Exercise is going to feel easier and it will reduce the risk of the risk of stress related injuries. Most water workouts only use things like foam noodles, which you can find at, so you’re not trying to manipulate weights or walk on a treadmill to do a workout. Being in water of the appropriate temperature will also lessen the likelihood of overheating during a workout.

It’s just a lot of fun. Visit an aqua aerobics class to see if it’s for you. What becomes quickly evident is how much fun everyone is having. It’s like when kids jump in the pool – they immediately start to laugh and have big smiles on their faces. It very likely has something to do with just the pleasure of being in the water. But people in a water workout group are happy and enjoying themselves. Aqua aerobics may be something that will continue long after the pregnancy, just because it’s such a pleasant experience.

There is a lot of variety. Aqua workouts don’t have to be just one kind – Mom can choose from a variety of options, depending on what she prefers. So you don’t like the class so much, but want a great cardio program? Why not try aqua jogging? This is not a group function – just go to the pool when the lap lanes are open, and take off with a good jogging motion down one of the lanes. Would you like a calming workout? Why not try aqua tai chi, which is a soothing and relaxing series of movements that resemble a gentle dance. Aqua zumba and kick boxing – they’re now being offered at many gyms, but you might want to leave those strenuous options on your “to do” list for after the pregnancy. The point is – there are a lot of water workouts to choose from during pregnancy.

It’s low impact. This is a big advantage for an exercise routine during pregnancy – it’s easy on the body. Try doing some lunges in the water – the resistance of the water makes the impact of your foot totally different, and much more gentle, than on land. Every exercise is going to have an added soothing effect from the resistance of the water. Particularly later in the pregnancy, when the back might not feel the greatest, being able to have the water cushion the fall of your feet will be a great advantage to water workouts.

Stay in shape while pregnant, and enjoy yourself as well – what’s not to love about that program? Aqua aerobics is just an enjoyable experience. That’s not to discount the workout – you can get a solid workout as well from being in the water. Just give it a try, and you might quickly fall in love with aqua aerobics!

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