150 minutes of exercise a week in late pregnancy can cut the risk of women suffering post-natal depression

Interesting article from the Daily Mail’s Victoria Allen says……

  • Some women may see pregnancy as a chance to put their feet up and relax
  • But continuing to exercise while expecting a child is important, experts say 
  • A study found 15% of inactive women suffered from postnatal depression 
  • But just 3% of those who got 150 minutes of weekly exercise had symptoms

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-5710029/150-minutes-exercise-week-pregnancy-cut-risk-post-natal-depression.html#ixzz5GtUXaWvb

Seems more important than ever to keep up the exercise in late pregnancy x

12 postnatal fit ball exercises for mums

In the same way that fit/gym/swiss balls (they have many names!) are great to exercise with during pregnancy they are perfect for new mums, particularly in the weeks and months following childbirth when you are gradually regaining your strength and fitness.

Your deep core muscles, back, surface abs and pelvic floor may all be weakened by pregnancy and childbirth and working out with the ball is perfect to aid their recovery. This is because anything you do on the ball is going to require you to balance and stabilise yourself using your deep abdominal muscles (or TVA – Transversus abdominis). You can also do a huge variety of exercises with a gym ball (especially if you also have a set of dumbbells) to work your whole body and keep your workouts interesting!

Check out my postnatal gym ball workout – 12 exercises to work your whole body:


Enjoy! x

Complete pregnancy and postnatal fitness plan on your ipad

I haven’t talked about it for a while but don’t forget you can buy The 3-plan: your complete pregnancy and postnatal exercise plan for your ipad for just £4.99!

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The 3-Plan is a comprehensive exercise plan with over 75 exercises and exercise combinations for pregnancy and the 9 month postnatal period. Flexible and easy to follow, the 3-Plan will have you feeling fab in just 3 hours a week! The only book you need from the first days of your pregnancy to slipping back into your pre-pregnancy wardrobe. Enjoy your pregnancy, embrace your changing shape, get your body strong and healthy for a smooth labour and delivery and become fit, toned, healthy and full of energy as new mum.

Cheap | safe | effective | flexible | fun | for all levels | real results | flat tum – what more could you want from a pregnancy and new mum exercise plan?!

If you don’t want an ipad version and prefer good old fashioned paper then there are lots of other places to buy the book.

New mums all lose their baby weight at different rates

I am all about health and fitness during pregnancy and for new mums, but there is no escaping the fact that we are all built differently and our bodies will grow and change and adapt to carrying a baby in different ways.

Some girls have tiny bumps, other are big all over. Some will be left with a huge tummy and some will be left with a wobbly bum. Some will be left with hardly any weight at all!

My advice would be to exercise during pregnancy, particularly keeping your core strong, other muscles fit and toned and heart and lungs fit and healthy with cardio exercise. Also, to not eat excessively, just consuming a couple of hundred extra calories a day in the last trimester (and a bit more if you are exercising). That way, however your body responds you have the best possible chance of losing your baby weight quickly. If you do nothing at all during pregnancy you are probably going to have a harder time getting back into shape afterwards.

This is aside from all the amazing benefits this will bring you and your baby, compared to inactive and overweight mums.

Personally I think she looks amazing now and she is absolutely right not to model herself on anyone else. For the record I also think Amanda Holden looks incredible and I’m not sure that ‘it’s in her genes’ as Jodie says. I bet she did lots of clever exercise throughout her pregnancy and as soon as she could afterwards – you don’t get results like that by magic!

Lets not try to be like anyone else and be happy and healthy in our own skins.

Think you’ve got no time to exercise as a mum? Try a HIIT!

Being a mum is very hectic and busy! You’ll be in a whirlwind of bottles, washing and poopoo (and loving every minute of course!) I designed the 3-Plan to be a flexible way to fit in your toning exercises; you can do it in 10 minute chunks and focus in on your problem areas if you are short of time.

But what about cardio?….

Chances are you’ll have a few wobbly areas, so will want to get stuck into some cardio to burn calories and shift a few pounds. Chances are that you won’t have time to pound the treadmill or hit the gym for hours on end! Research is now showing that interval training and more specifically ‘High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)’ is super-effective at fat burning in a much shorter time period.

A note of caution though – it’s intense. Not something to try until you get the all clear from your doctor after having your baby; maybe even wait until 12 weeks after until you have recovered some base cardio fitness, but steadily building up the intensity and duration of your workouts.

Start with something like this: 30 seconds high intensity exercise (running, cross trainer, bike etc) then recover for 90 seconds (‘tick over’). Repeat 5-10 times.

Once you feel you can handle this, try reducing your recovery time until you are doing 30 seconds work with 30 seconds rest. Alternatively repeat more times (or both progressions!)

You won’t have to do this for more than 20 minutes for a really effective workout. The key is to go flat out during your interval ‘work’ periods. If you don’t then you are just kidding yourself.

Once you feel you are back up to full fitness and really want to push yourself you could also try some Tabata intervals:

  • Push hard for 20 seconds
  • Rest for 10 seconds.
  • Repeat 8 times

This is only 4 minutes, but if you do it properly you will really feel it and it is super-effective at fat burning.

Remember – these programmes are not for beginners and not for very new mums. You know your body so be sensible. You can also use intervals to work with weights/bodyweight exercises to mix up your routines a bit (press ups, squats etc). Once you are ready for action HIIT will give you quick results in a very short period of time – sounds like a win win to me!

Read more about the 3-Plan.