The only pregnancy and postnatal exercise book you’ll ever need!

Hi everyone!

After nearly 4 years of hard work my book is finished You can now buy ‘The 3-Plan: Your Complete Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise Plan’ online.

It will be on amazon in the next few weeks.

It is only £9.99 – what a bargain!

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I would love you to buy a copy (of course!), but if you are not interested in buying the book yourself please forward this on to friends, family, partners or colleagues who might want to. The aim of this book is to make women feel informed about health and exercise and give them the confidence to be fit on their journey into motherhood.

A bit more about it…..

The book is a comprehensive exercise plan with over 75 unique exercises and combinations for pregnancy and the 9 month postnatal period. Flexible, safe, effective and easy to follow, the 3-Plan will have you looking fantastic in just 3 hours a week! The only book you need from the first days of your pregnancy to slipping back into your pre-pregnancy wardrobe. Get your body strong and healthy for a smooth labour and delivery…..

  • Tummy flatteners and pelvic floor exercises
  • Cardio ideas
  • Simple exercises with weights that really work
  • Do in chunks to suit your lifestyle
  • Running advice
  • Back stretches and warm up guide
  • Diet and calorie guidelines
  • Exercise instructions and photos
  • Exercise journal template
  • Real women

Your all encompassing pregnancy and postnatal fitness and health guide – this is the book you have been waiting for! I wrote this book as i didn’t think there was anything like it – I hope you find the information you are looking for.

Thanks for taking the time to read my message, I’d love to hear what you think so feel free to get in touch or leave a review.



I tried to nurse so I basically stuck to a diet that I thohgut was suitable for my baby. Only eat things that you would want your healthly infant to eat. Even though nursing didn’t last very long, this diet helped me slim down pretty fast and I ended up getting used to it and it stayed with me. Also I was able to get a little excercise in about 2 times a week and that was pushing it. Family time was pretty important to me as well so I didn’t get to excercise as much as I wanted. Good luck!


I think only eating what you would feed your baby while breastfeeding is excellent advice. Lucie x


I noticed so far in my penngarcy that when i brush my teeth in the morning, my gums bleed, not a lot though. I’ve had a couple dreams for far, that I was having a boy, (no idea what the sex is yet) Im only 9 weeks though, anything can happen at anytime. Goodluck


Good luck to you. Lucie x


I didn’t feel my first baby much until later in the pregnancy. You need to find an ob/gyn. Just remmeber all pregnancies are different and all moms are different. Depending on where she was I could feel her more or less. My girl liked to hangout deep inside. Sometimes I felt fluttering,a little wooshy inside or like I was kicked in the lungs but no outside, big kicks until month 9 and then she stopped right before she was born. She is now 9, healthy and awesome. Good luck!:)


Thanks for your positive comment. Lucie x

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