Trimester 2: How you might be feeling, safety and exercise examples

How you might be feeling

You might be feeling any number of things during Trimester 2. You may be full of energy or still suffering from the ravages of morning sickness. Now that you have had your 12-week scan you can be sure that everything is OK (a huge relief!) and confidently get stuck into the 3-Plan – even if you haven’t exercised before. Just remember to go at your own pace and listen to your body. You may feel the baby moving or even get some practice contractions in the latter part of this trimester.

You may notice a line appearing on your tum; this is called the linea nigra and it fades after your baby is born. You might also have more bad wind, piles and varicose veins – oh the glamour! You are going to start looking pregnant sometime soon, if you don’t already. You might become a bit light-headed getting up and down, so take your time with transitions. Make the most of this time before your bump gets bigger and remember to try and enjoy every step of your pregnancy. Exercise will continue to make you feel good, strong and energised, so keep it up.

Trimester 2 safety

Avoid sit-ups, twisting too much, fancy footwork, lying on your back or front for too long and anything unbalanced. Most activities are still fine as long as you start to moderate the frequency and intensity.

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