Trimester 3 pregnancy exercise: safety and advice

How you might be feeling

Chances are you’ll have a pretty impressive bump by now! You will probably get out of breath and tired at times and may well have some pregnancy related aches and pains as your body changes to accommodate your growing baby. You may find you are going to the loo a lot and getting practice contractions.

Your exercise plan matters more than ever now – keep your muscles, joints and circulation as healthy as possible for both you and your baby. As crazy as it sounds, doing your 3-Plan exercises and some moderate cardio activity a few times a week will give you more energy than if you do nothing at all! If you miss a session, don’t give yourself a hard time; just stick to doing what you can as regularly as possible.

Remember, not long to go now until the big day and you need your body to be in tip-top condition – one of the most physically demanding things it will ever go through. All your hard work will make you much more able to deal with the birth.

Enjoy these last few weeks! Your baby will soon be here.

Trimester 3 safety

Be mindful of your growing bump and changing body. Don’t transition too quickly and keep moves slow and controlled. Perhaps think about choosing low-impact alternatives for your cardio sessions. Don’t stop exercising, though, otherwise those hard-earned benefits to you and your baby will be lost.

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