Trimester 3 pregnancy exercise tips – thanks Reese!

What a great role model Reese Witherspoon is! (Daily Mail) It’s great to see celebrities setting a good example and keeping fit and healthy during pregnancy. This is why so many of them get back into shape so quickly – not magic! Just a sensible consistent exercise plan (and probably very healthy diet) during pregnancy! Reese is in the later stage of her pregnancy now so would have gradually reduced the duration and intensity of her workouts over the last few months. Here’s a few other pointers for trimester 3 exercise:

  • It’s really important not to stop exercising in trimester 3; all those hard earned benefits to you and your baby will be lost!
  • be mindful of your changing body and growing bump
  • Keep moves slow and controlled
  • Avoid standing or laying still for long periods
  • Keep transitions (from standing to floor) slow and measured
  • You may want to consider some lower impact alternatives if your normal moves are becoming too hard
  • Remember you should be able to hold a conversation while working out – you are not training for a personal best!
  • Always listen to your body and stop exercising if anything doesn’t feel right
  • Try and continue with a combination of light cardio and resistance training to keep your muscles fit and strong
  • Try and work your core and pelvic floor daily
  • Not long to go now! Try and find some time to relax too and mentally prepare for the exciting events ahead. Good luck x
For an exercise plan developed for all 3 trimesters of pregnancy and 9 months after you have had your baby (to get you looking even better than before!) check out The 3-Plan: Your Complete Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise Plan.

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