Why pregnant women and new mums need cardio

Cardio exercise is important for keeping your heart and lungs fit and healthy. You’ll need a good level of fitness and endurance for labour (one of the most demanding things your body will ever go through!) and looking after a new baby and the rest of the family (and yourself of course!) Why would you NOT want to improve your cardo fitness so you dont get puffed out at the slightest thing?

If you can’t fit in three ‘proper’ cardio sessions try to incorporate cardio activity into your everyday life through brisk walking, taking the stairs, dancing, playing with your kids or skipping the car and generally making active choices.

If you can get active for at least half an hour between five and seven times a week this will significantly improve your general fitness. Ideally you should do three ‘proper’ cardio workouts for at least 30 minutes, for example: jogging, cycling, swimming, cross-training or an exercise class. Two slightly longer sessions (45 minutes+) would be another way to fit cardio in if this suits you better. However, sometimes life gets in the way – don’t give yourself a hard time if you are having a ‘tired’ day (see everyday exercise above). But don’t lie to yourself, either; the results you get represent the effort you put in and there are no short cuts.

Chances are that if you just get on and do your workout you’ll feel loads better afterwards – glowing and with a sense of pride and achievement. Natural endorphins will give you a fantastic high.

The 3-plan gives you lots of ideas to fit your cardio around your busy lifestyle.



Interesting! My schedule was a lttlie different than this one!I had an 8 wk appt with my midwife and did the full physical, etc. But then had a 10 week appt with my OB where she did an ultrasound. My practice thereafter sees you every 4 weeks until the third trimester when I think it’s every other week then the last month maybe every week.

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